Increase Patient Adherence

24/7 Patient Support

Full Regulatory Compliance

Text To Speech Functionality

Extensive Cost Savings

Machine Learning Technology

Used by leading brands

UK’s No.1 infant colic treatment.

50 hours+ of regulatory reporting saved in 3 months.

UK's No.1 nappy rash treatment.

65% of user interactions between 1600 to 0800 hours.

Multiple deployments including female contraception and asthma management.

"VirtTuri has helped us solve a key challenge around inequality and asthma education for our clinical teams. The ability to cost effectively visualise, and accurately translate essential healthcare advice has proven hugely popular amongst our ethnic minority populations, with signs of a positive shift in understanding and self-management. This technology has so many opportunities in healthcare."

Dr Llinos Jones Consultant Respiratory Physician Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust


“Teva is delighted to be using VirtTuri with market-leading brands Sudocrem and Infacol. We’re seeing high levels of engagement and 24/7 accurate responses to our consumers.”

Nick Lang, Head of Teva UK & IE OTC Marketing


Unlimited Opportunity.

VirtTuri is a next generation AI avatar digital assistant that combines market-leading response speed and accuracy with a world-leading, patented, hyperrealistic avatar interface.

This combination is scientifically proven to elevate user engagement and recall of complex information.

The ability to represent different cultures and speak in over 70 languages helps us tackle inequalities.

Visual communications increases user adherence through better understanding.

Reducing the need to travel, or for printed material helps us reduce carbon footprint.

VirtTuri is designed to save extensive costs, whilst help generate additional income.

Why VirtTuri?

As a visual interface tool, VirtTuri can enhance the behavioural learning process by up to 400%.

VirtTuri mines deep patient and consumer behaviour insights for enhanced strategy.

VirtTuri delivers holistic assistance and support to user pathways.

VirtTuri can represent multiple ethnicities, ages and speak over 50 languages.

Text to speech technology allows for cost effective, rapid updates.

VirtTuri is GDPR and regulatory compliant.

Delivering consistent information at scale

VirtTuri is relevant to all industries and organisations seeking solutions for cost effective, digital communications, at scale.

Right now, we’re keen to explore opportunities across healthcare, education, consumer goods, HR & training, telecoms, financial and public notices.

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